I am a STRONG believer in joining our different generations, our different age groups together!!! We can learn from each other, and I’m not JUST talking about the Titus 2 thing of older women teaching younger women. I am also talking about opening my heart to learn from the younger women and from the children. God tells us to be like little children. (Mk. 10:13-16) Keeping the generations bound together gives us both wisdom and relevance to the world around us.

As we talk about a love that spans generations, I want to look at it from a very practical viewpoint. I have talked to women of all ages to see how we can do a better job of blending us all together to serve. Crossing those generational gaps to pull us closer together. Here are some takeaways.


We looked at this in my last two articles, so I’m not going to repeat it. I’m hoping we all understand that to be like Jesus, we MUST love each other.


Christianity is all about submission. If we are going to have “the mind of Christ” found in Philippians 2:1-8. We will be placing others ahead of us. Giving preference to others. Remembering that this life “is not about you” but you, bringing glory to the Father.

  • We must lay aside our pride and BE GENUINE!!! – Learn to open up!! I’m afraid we try to paint a picture of “spiritual perfection” for others to see. And I get it, but be careful of getting caught up in receiving praise from men. Sometimes, we have to share “been there, done that” to be of any comfort to someone else. 2 Cor. 1:3-4

  • “That’s how we’ve always done it” or “But I’ve always been in charge of that” – I’m afraid these words can damage a congregation just about as much as false teaching. Open your minds to the younger generations. We are running them off by not including them. We are smothering ourselves!!!! Congregations are dying all over the place because of these words. Stop it!!

The younger generations WANT to be a part of things!!! They have a TRUE passion for the Lord and for serving Him and those around them. Take their input. Work together!!

  • “They don’t acknowledge my abilities.” – Be careful of becoming “self” focused. You aren’t doing what you do to be seen by men. I get it!! It can be discouraging to not feel appreciated. But keep finding ways to serve.


Pray for God to change how you see people. 2 Cor. 5:14-17. We need to remember that those “in Christ” are new creatures” and we must look at them differently. We want to look at them through a heart of compassion. Through eyes of love. We must be patient with each other as we figure out what being like Jesus looks like! We ALL have flaws!! Quit looking for them in others. Pray that God will help you see their needs so that you can help them through.

  • Be careful of the “older women teach the younger women”. – This is an area where it’s real easy to try to shove younger females “into our box”. We are all different; we were created that way on purpose! Their homes will look different than yours. Be careful of the “my children never behaved that way” thinking. You’ve thankfully just forgotten. They need you to love them, not spank them. And they will know the difference.

  • Grey hair does not always mean wisdom. – Don’t assume that and judge too harshly when they don’t act wise. It is a growing process for all generations. Some started later than others. Some just rode along for a while just “going to church” and have just woken up. Be patient with them.


Encouragement is the process of inspiring others to live with greater hope, confidence, and determination.

Aubrey Johnson describes encouragers this way…

“Encouragers are people who are unusually effective in relating to others in a positive way. They are pleasant to be around because of their optimism and enthusiasm about life. They radiate a quiet self-confidence which enables them to focus on others rather than demanding constant attention to fulfill their emotional needs. Isn’t that how you want to be described?”

We are commanded to be encouragers in 1 Thess. 5:11 and Heb. 3:13. Work to lift others up!! To put courage in them! Don’t be a discourager!! NEVER use the phrases “We’ve tried that before” or “No one will come.”

Let them know that you see GREAT things in them!!

Multiple voices said that they felt that they weren’t “enough.”

Teenagers get criticized all of the time……praise them for something!

Women of all ages are trying to be like Jesus…..lift them up!!

Single women need you to quit telling them that God has the perfect man in store for her……we don’t know that….encourage her singleness! Encourage her with ways to use that to bring God glory!

Empty nesters are HURTING!! Their life has changed dramatically. Bring some noise into their life by having them to supper.

Believe it or not, there are probably widows younger than some of you. They ALWAYS feel alone……reach out to them.

Younger women are looking for ways to serve. Pull them in and help them develop those talents.

  • Be practical, not preachy! Unless they have asked for a Bible study, they can read the scripture for themselves. They are struggling with how to put that into action.

  • Be accepting, not judgemental. The minute they feel judged or spanked, your effectiveness is GONE!! (And it’s not because they don’t want to be criticized. They need someone who will help guide them through this life, not beat them along the way.)

If you want to be a better encourager, get the book “The Barnabas Factor: Realize Your Encouragement Potential” by Aubrey Johnson.


I am a talker. But I became a “better friend” when I finally learned to HUSH!

Prov. 10:19 – “When there are many words, transgression is unavoidable, but he who restrains his lips is wise.” That will scare you to silence!!

Others need someone who will listen, truly listen.

They don’t always need you to fix their problems, either. Sometimes, they just need a listener. I always ask, “Do you want any input from me?”


What do others see when they describe you? Do they see a smile or a frown? Are people attracted to you or afraid of you?

We must be showing others that our joy has been made full. (Jn. 15:11) Read the whole passage; he’s talking about how loving each other makes His joy full. We all have bad days, but be careful of being self-focused on all of the negative that are going on in your life.

Shine for the Lord!!!


I won’t ask, “How many of you have had anyone in your home this week, or this month even.” We have shoved hospitality out of our lives, and we are told to be hospitable. Heb. 13:2; Rom. 12:13

This is how we get to know each other. This is how we actually meet the needs of those around us.

Jesus describes it this way…

I was hungry, thirsty, a stranger and you did not invite me in, naked, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.”…Matt. 25:31-46

Meeting the needs of others is meeting the needs of Jesus. We are His hands and his feet.

It’s more than JUST having people over, but that is a HUGE part of it. Are you sharing your material blessings with others? Or are you a border?

We must get back to sharing our material blessings, whatever they are!!


One of the best ways to join others in Jesus is to pray for them. And maybe I should say, pray WITH them.

Don’t just “put it on your prayer list,” but stop with that woman right then and there and pray with her. She will KNOW that you care for her.

Let God do the work and start truly turning “life” over to Him in prayer.

Pray for yourself: for an open heart, for open eyes to opportunities, for a heart like Jesus, that you won’t just see “sins and flaws” in others, but you will see them as hurting, struggling people.

Be a prayer warrior!!

Our love needs to span generations. We need to be reaching outside of our peer groups and pulling this family together. This week, reach out to a female younger than you and spend some time with her. Send a note to an older woman and let her know that you love her.

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Tami Roberts is striving to be a shining light for the Lord.  She and her husband, Wayne, travel around the country sharing their family seminars, including the marriage seminar, "His Shoes, Her Shoes." Tami also uses her "extra" time to speak at women's gatherings. She is the author of   “But I Just Want to Be Happy: A Study From 1 Peter” and has written for several websites. She and Wayne have raised five children and are enjoying ten grandchildren plus some bonus kids. They are currently working with Memorial Church of Christ in Houston, Texas.


I love to sing!! (Even with my old lady voice. 😉) I love people!! I love to hear their stories. I love children! I'm most comfortable with them. (Probably because I'm just an older "kid.") I love seeing people's lives "light up" when we share hope with them!