Many days go by that I wake up, change diapers, fix breakfast, begin the laundry, and blink. Then it’s already time to get ready for bed again, so we begin bath time, brush our teeth, read our stories, and tuck the littles into bed. I look back on the day, and the only souls I came in contact with were my husband and my two little girls, Lucy and Emily. Lucy is just under three years old, and Emily is almost 18 months old! When I reflect on my day in connection with evangelism, it can feel disheartening that I have little to no record of evangelistic efforts outside of my home some days. I’m sure many of you can relate to that schedule. It’s just a time in life unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! What is the saying? “The days are long, but the years are short.” I don’t understand how a day can be so long, yet looking back, it goes by so fast! Anyway, all of that to say, the evangelist in me sometimes feels like it’s been put in a box and pushed to the side for a while, like I have rolled up my sleeves for my family but kicked up my feet for evangelism. I’m here to challenge (and reassure) all of us, myself included, that we CAN be full-time moms and evangelists.

With the New Year comes many resolutions, and burnout often comes quickly. I’m not here to give you more to add to your already full plate, but I am here to encourage you and hopefully give you a few tips you can tuck away to use in moments of motherhood and everyday life to rekindle your heart for evangelism.

Just Talk to the Waitress

I repeat this to myself often. If we go out to eat, I use this as an opportunity to “just talk to the waitress” (or waiter). I always try to make eye contact, be polite, say thank you, forgive mistakes if they are made, and, overall, be a Christian! This is a perfect opportunity to let your light shine before others. It is so simple but really can make a difference. After church, we visit some of the same restaurants, and we become familiar faces. There have been several occasions that this has sparked conversation with people and has even led to invitations to church or a Bible study. There is one particular waitress that I have connected with and exchanged phone numbers. I continue to pray and hope she will join us at church one day. This simple reminder helps anywhere I go in public, “just talk to the…” fill in the blank of whatever business or public place you are at. Suppose you’re at the park with your kids, at the grocery store, and walking through the neighborhood. Share a smile, be friendly, say hello! Some communities are more open to this, and I will be the first to admit it is getting increasingly more difficult to connect with people in the public. Especially in my community, we do not live in the South, and sometimes just saying hi or smiling at a stranger can come across as invasive and make others uncomfortable. But I won’t allow that to stop me. Even if there is one positive response, it is worth it! So… talk to the waitress!

Open Your Heart and Your Home

Being a stay-at-home mom, I can’t exactly be the door-knocking evangelist or the one who can conduct Bible studies at the local coffee shop all the time. Especially with such little ones at home right now, being out in the community is a little more challenging. Being in the community may be easier for you if your children are older, in school, or involved in extracurricular activities. However, I have come to realize I can do the reverse. If I can’t be out in the community as often, I can attempt to bring others into my home instead. Having small children gives me a unique opportunity to host play dates and invite other moms over for coffee or a devotional. My husband and I like to invite church members over for dinner, and we like to extend the invite to family members or friends who are not yet Christians. This allows us to get to know our church family better and use this as an evangelistic opportunity to have non-Christians in our home. I had a friend mention that she likes to make cookies and welcome baskets to take to new neighbors; I thought this was a wonderfulness and way to show kinan evangelistic heart close to the home. Involving your children in these activities would be a great way to spark that same spirit in your own family. Another simple yet profound thing we can do is pray. This may seem obvious, but I could use the reminder myself. As we go through our mundane days, add this one to your prayers: the Lord will open a door for you to share the gospel with someone. This may feel like the off-season in evangelism for you as you’re in this season of motherhood, but pray that God can use you in any season and be ready for that moment.

Evangelism Within Your Family

“The light that shines brightest for Jesus will also shine brightly at home.”

Mike Vestal said this in class one day at Bear Valley, and I immediately wrote it down. This quote has been on the background of my phone ever since as a daily reminder. This statement has so much wisdom and truth, and it especially rings true for me as a stay-at-home mom, as my primary focus is in the home. It’s important that my light shines brightly outside the home, but it is even more important that it is also true in my home. Our children and husband get the rawest version of us. They get the tired wife, the overstimulated mom, the “running on fumes” part of me that I rarely allow anyone else to see. That’s just the reality. But if we are living our life to imitate Christ at all times, my light should shine brightly at home in all those moments, good and bad. My attitude and character should emulate the fruits of the Spirit and characteristics of Christ. Even on the hard days, because they will inevitably come, my family should be able to look to me and see that God is good, He is faithful, and we are blessed to be Christians. Our children should see us praying together, reading our Bibles, caring for the church, loving others unconditionally, and serving Christ in all areas. We can’t turn off our Christianity when we come home. And we must remember that our evangelism with the souls we are raising is just as important as those in the world. I am reminded of Hannah’s words in 1 Samuel 1:27-28. Raising my children to one day become Christians is arguably one of my most important roles as an evangelist that I will ever have, and that is something we shouldn’t take lightly.

Whether you’re out in the community sparking conversation with strangers, conducting Bible studies, and sharing with the lost, or you’re “just” at home with your babies, the precious souls within your home, I am here to reassure you that you’re evangelistic work isn’t finished. You are not in the off-season of your Christianity; you are doing the greatest work you can for the Kingdom. I want to encourage you and commend you for continuing the good work within and outside your home. Be proud to wear the title “The Busy Mom Evangelist”.

Proverbs 11:30 — The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who is wise wins souls.

Katy Ballance
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Katy Ballance is a stay-at-home mom to two little girls, Lucy James and Emily Kate. She and her husband Kolton live in Denver, Colorado, where he serves as the Director of Alumni Relations at the Bear Valley Bible Institute and a minister at the Conifer church of Christ. She earned her Bachelor of Biblical Studies from the Bear Valley Bible Institute in 2021 and her bachelor’s degree in mass communications from East Central University in 2018. Katy loves coffee dates with her husband, photography, and everything about being a mama.