Every time I read Jesus’ words, “Martha, Martha,” I am sobered (Luke 10:41). As busy as Martha was, Jesus had to remind her to focus on what was most important. My husband and I became empty-nesters a few years ago, and it has caused me to do some serious soul-searching. Is what I’m doing really the best I can do with the time I have? Or do I need a “Martha, Martha” moment?

Deborah was a prophetess and made a significant impact (Judges 4 & 5). We can read about her and think, “Well, she was in a unique situation. We’re not prophetesses.” But in a sense, we are. Prophets and prophetesses were specially chosen people that God used to bring His people back to Him. They were His spokespeople. There are people all around us who have been pulled away from God. He needs us to be His spokesmen. We already have His message, and it needs to be shared!

Imagine the scenarios the people brought before Deborah in a time when “everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” They were under Canaanite oppression for their own sin. They had turned away from God (Judges 4:1). Deborah was surrounded by people whose unhappy situations were largely their own fault. It was her job to tell them what God would have them do (4:4-5).

We are surrounded by people who are in unhappy situations. It’s probably fair to say that many brought it upon themselves, either by not knowing God’s will or rejecting God’s will. Many around us are living selfishly instead of putting others first. Many are chasing after materialism, entertainment, pleasure, and worldly success instead of the things that matter, and they’re miserable.

When the people of Deborah’s day had problems, they knew who to turn to. They knew Deborah would tell them what God wanted them to do. How can we live in such a way that others will KNOW they can come to us for biblical advice?

  • Get into the lives of others. This takes intention since it’s trendy to be anti-social.

  • Initiate biblical conversations. Life is short; let’s talk about real things.

  • Study God’s Word for yourself, then share what you learn. It’s easy enough to slip it into conversations.

  • Have people in your home for fellowship and devotional time. Big impact takes place around humble home tables.

These are things we know already, but it’s so easy to hold ourselves back for one reason or another.

We mustn’t shy away because of fear. Israel waited 20 years before crying out to God for help. We can’t let the iron chariots in our own lives keep us from stepping out of our comfort zones (4:3).

We can’t turn a blind eye because of apathy. We must keep our hearts soft for souls. The first step is to look around and really see others and tune into their needs.

We can’t hesitate because of our own poor choices. Satan wants us to think we’re chained to our past and that the things we’ve done wrong keep us from being good enough to represent Christ. But when God looks at us, He only sees the cleansing blood of His Son (1 John 1:7), and He has chosen us to be His ambassadors!

Every phase of life can seem overwhelmingly busy. How can we avoid a “Martha, Martha” moment? How can we make the most impact? We can simply remember that it’s all about people and use our time to touch lives for Christ.

Kathy Pollard
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Kathy is married to Neal Pollard, who preaches for the Lehman Ave. church of Christ in Bowling Green, KY. They have three grown sons, all married, and 2 new grandsons with another grandchild on the way! Kathy attended Faulkner University and Bear Valley Bible Institute and has a bachelor’s degree in Bible. She is the author of the book, Return to Me…What to Do When Loved Ones Fall Away. She and Carla Moore host a weekly podcast for Christian women called Looking Up. Kathy enjoys spending time with family, traveling to Israel, tending her gardens, and getting to know her new dairy cow, Peaches.