I recently purchased two necklaces, identical, for two of my dearest Christian sisters. It is a simple gold chain with a simple gold earth hanging on it. Just the earth, that is all. But it was the card that came with the necklace that moved me to give this to them as a gift because it conveyed everything I believe and feel about having them in my life.

The card read….

Us Against The World

Sometimes you meet people who make your world a better place just by being in it. They make you feel like you’ve always belonged. Like you’ve always had a home team. They’ve seen you at your best and comforted you at your worst. They know who you are and remind you of what you deserve. They laugh with you. They cry with you. They love all versions of you. In an ever-changing world – they are your certainty. They are your keeper of secrets, your comfort in commotion, and your courage in apprehension. Thank you for your unconditional support, loyalty, and love.

Thank you for always being there, even when we’re worlds apart. Thank you for showing me that closeness has nothing to do with distance. Thank you for reminding me that home isn’t just a place or a time zone. It’s not just where your heart’s from, it’s where it stays. No matter what, no matter where – we will always be in each other’s lives. We will always be on the same team. It will always be us against the world – it’s a forever kind of thing.” (copyright Bryan Anthonys)

When I first read this, I immediately read it with a spiritual meaning behind it. The sisterhood I have with these two, and numerous other amazing Christian women in my life is exactly this in a nutshell. I can not even imagine not having them in my life.

Having friends that are Christians do make the world a better place”

They make us feel a part of something wonderful, a team that can’t be beaten! Christian friends are the ones that have celebrated accomplishments and joys with us but they have also been the ones to see us when we are a mess.

They see us in some of the deepest, darkest times of our life but yet they are the much-needed shoulder to cry on.

They are His ambassadors, sent to us in the form of a friend, who reminds us of who we are and whose we are! We laugh together, cry together, and love one another in spite of our struggles and failures. They are there to uplift and redirect us when the world leads us astray.

They are there to unburden us of the struggles we bear, the secrets that eat away at our soul knowing we can trust they have our best interest at heart.

They are comfort and courage and support.

They are forgiving.

They are loyal.

They are full of love. A type of love the world doesn’t understand. (Colossians 3:12-17)

I have Christian sisters across the globe. I know that even though these sisters are in South Africa or Canada, in surrounding states here in the U.S., the next town over, or the besties that I spend time with every chance I get…… they are my sisters and I can turn to them in a time of need. They are ready and willing to lift me in prayer to our Father and they are there with words of encouragement and support! We are bonded in a way that distance makes no difference. We are on the same team. And it’s a forever team.

Surround yourself with Christians. Find the people in your life that support you spiritually, uphold you morally, encourage you to the depths of your soul, and will fight tooth and nail to not let you fall away from the faith.

The Titanic was considered an unsinkable ship but when the unthinkable happened, they did not call for help at the first sign of trouble. There were minimal life preservers aboard the ship because of the overconfidence they had that it would not sink. The arrogance regarding the ship was the ultimate demise. There were passing ships that could have been there in time to rescue the passengers but because of overconfidence, they didn’t act in time. They didn’t reach out for help.

Thinking we are unsinkable – assuming we won’t fail – not calling out for help from those nearby that are equipped to help us – being so arrogant that we have little to no life preservers in the way of Christian mentors, friends, and family – will result in our spiritual demise. Yes, God is ultimately the one who rescues and saves but let’s be real here. He’s given us these people in our lives to be the ones we see standing nearby, the life preserver that is within reach and they are His hands and His feet and His arms and His heart. They are the life preserver that He is throwing out to us.

We know that having our sisters by our side is so important and vital to our spiritual survival but, are we teaching our younger generation this?

Are we teaching our children this?

Are we encouraging Christian friendships?

Are we focused on their spiritual needs?

Are we not only teaching them the importance of Christian friendships but are we letting them see this play out in our own lives as an example to them?

Are we developing bonds with the younger generation, and our own children, and having the same type of friendship/relationship so they are experiencing it firsthand with someone older?

What can be gained by this type of older/younger friendship, or mentorship if you will?

  1. Learning to build trust.

  2. Learning how to encourage.

  3. Learning not to judge.

  4. Learning to forgive.

  5. Learning to be a listening ear.

  6. Learning to unburden themselves of the heavy weight of worldly pressures and struggles.

If the younger people in our lives experience this, they will know how to be that person for others of their own age range and in turn, develop bonds with younger generations as they grow older.

Be the kind of Christian friend and mentor that people have no doubt that you are on their side when they feel the world is out to get them. Be that person who they know loves them unconditionally because you are on their team!

Let them see you for who you are, flaws and all, the real you so that they can understand that none of us are perfect.

Be the first one to step up to remind them they are God’s beautiful creation and comfort them with the knowledge of His love.

Be the heart that holds their soul close.

Be the life preserver standing by, ready to meet the need of a sinking soul.

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; [a]give preference to one another in honor”…Romans 12:10 NASB

We know who the ruler of this world is. It is Satan. And that makes it all the more important to join forces with our Christian family, the winning team because it IS “Us Against The World.”

Melissa Thompson
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Melissa has been married for almost 35 years to her husband, Jeff, and has a close-knit family that loves the Lord. Jamie and her husband, Steve, live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, with their three children - Oaklyn, Isla, and Luca. Kaylee and James live in Washington, Oklahoma, with their three children - Adelynn, Brynlee, and Caden. Justin and Sarah also live in Washington, Oklahoma, with their daughter - Mia. Those seven grandchildren are truly some of God's greatest blessings for Melissa and Jeff. Melissa has worked for a local school day photography company for over 25 years as a business manager and owns her own yearbook sales company. Melissa is passionate about the younger generation, knowing that it is the future of the Lord’s church. Because of that passion, she has spent many years counseling and teaching at different church camps. She also started the Oklahoma E.W.E.S. Camp for young Christian women, which she directed for ten years, and has recently passed the reins over to another director. Over the past 5 years, Melissa has worked with her husband alongside the college minister of Sooner Servants at Westside Church of Christ in Norman to encourage, teach, and help grow the faith of the college students passing through during their years in Norman.